The best way to predict the future is to design it.
— Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller


Our Mission

Our mission is to make the dream for your space a reality, to really listen and incorporate what makes you, your family, or your business unique into your built environment. From any part and for any part of the design process, Faith Color Consulting and Design can be your go-to for interior design services. We can help get your project started, plan functional and creative spaces, facilitate the design, and connect you with the people you need to get the project done!

Creativity is intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein


Q1. Why hire a designer?

A1. An educated designer is a qualified professional who can assist in preliminary design process to ensure that it's going to function as it should, facilitate the construction of the project, provide non-structural technical drawings and 3D modeling for better visual of the project, and can make sure that the end result looks like it always belonged. A designer will also save you time and money because they can add a level of experience and a vote of confidence.


Q2. Would hiring Faith Color Consulting and Design add any additional value to my project?

A2. Absolutely! In addition to the previously stated items, we work most closely with the client and act as the client liaison to the rest of the construction professionals on the project. We advocate for the client throughout the project and keep a close eye as it is constructed so that the end result is the best possible. You will have access to our whole team, providing a high level of customer service.


Q3. How do designers get paid?

A3. Different designers work different ways. We tend to be unique in that we do not mark up product. In essence, we get paid for our time, whether the project is commercial or residential. Depending on the type of project, we will propose the best fee method, either hourly, flat fee, or retainer.


Q4. How do we get started and what is the process?

A4. The first step is for us to meet you and see the project. This is free of charge. We want to make sure we can help and that you feel comfortable with us! Once that is settled, we collaborate with you about the schedule and get to work!


Q5. Can a designer change the layout of my rooms, move walls, plumbing, electrical, or do I need an architect for that?

A5. Interior designers are trained to help with all manner of space planning issues, and can therefore help with room layouts, wall placement, preliminary plans for plumbing and electrical. Our limitation is that we are not trained to deal with structural issues, and cannot stamp drawings in Pennsylvania. Therefore, an architect or structural engineer would need to be involved if the wall we want to move is structural, and a licensed plumber/electrician would have to approve of the plumbing/electrical plans. This is a case where it is great to have that liaison to the industry.


Q6. Does a designer have just one particular design style for everyone, or will she/he work with me to make my space comfortable for my taste?

A6. Designers are trained in the elements of design, which transcend styles. That way, we are capable of tailoring the design to meet the functional and stylistic needs of the client. That said, each designer sees things through his or her own set of eyes and leaves his or her "stamp" on each design like an artist would. This is another instance where our team comes in handy because design by collaboration is almost always better design.


Q7. I generally know what style suits me, but when I go looking for an item I am completely overwhelmed by my choices. Is there something you can do to help?

A7. Yes!! We love to help our clients navigate through the sea of choices. We also love to add that vote of confidence for our clients so they can start making decisions and wrap their project.